March 1, 2013, 19:24
Filed under: pigment liner, watercolour

evolutionary talent | albrecht dürer’s surprise ;-)
pigment liner + watercolour | paper 110 g/m² | 16 x 26.2 cm


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Oh no… Are you sure this is talent? Well maybe, if those heels really can carry a rhino… :-)

Comment by Sasa

[r]-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-a-r-y talent it is for sure ;-)

Comment by ellisillus

Haha! Wonderful rendition and tribute.

Comment by Cindy D.

Very nice, the high heels crack me up!

Comment by Tyler Whitworth

this made me laugh out loud, and it is beautifully drawn

Comment by cobol

Können Rhinos auch Hühneraugen kriegen ?

Comment by lamiacucina

Oooo la laaa!! What style! Beautiful and witty illustration!!

Comment by Claire Wildish

das ist großartig!

Comment by scalatore

This rhino can definitely pull off those red heels!
Wonderful work…and thanks for visiting :)

Comment by studio lolo

I love this drawing, the humor and the details! Wonderful!

Comment by Chelle Hanna

Haha nice work…I have to admit…it took me a couple of seconds to see the heels!!…What’s happening to me?

Comment by Rod MacGregor

hahaha love ths! she def is talented to work in those shoes! =)

Comment by Elika

I love looking at something and for the first moment all I have is ??? and then !!!!! Very Cool. A smile in the mind.

Comment by kylie

nice shoes!

Comment by Stephen Macquignon

The colors enhance the line drawing rather than overpower it. Looks great.

Comment by gabrielgarbowota

Hahaha! I thought this was about Dürer’s talent at drawing a never-seen animal and then BAM, I saw the heels. Bahahaha! Love it!

Comment by bella sinclair

I love how casual the rhino looks about it – good one.

Comment by Emily

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