February 15, 2013, 22:05
Filed under: pigment liner, watercolour

wool carpet in the make | handloom weaver
pigment liner + watercolour | canson 350 g/m² | 14.7 x 18.5 cm


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Comment by Willie Baronet

Love this! Beautiful work.

Comment by Ruth Meharg

this is stunning! gorgeous colours and great composition :)

Comment by Katharina Hepp

very colorful! It doesn’t look like watercolor at all. There seems to be a sort of relief… it really looks like wool!

Comment by hedwig

Wonderfully vibrant illustration! I like your solution here. There is a beautiful surface texture, too.

Comment by theodraws

this is a beautiful illustration! Very captivating. xox

Comment by Pauline Leger

This beautiful!! Gorgeous gorgeous colors. You’ve captured a moment!

Comment by Claire Wildish

What a great idea! This is a wonderful illustration for the topic wool! Great color and shadows!

Comment by Jutta Richter

Beautiful work! Have a lovely weekend!

Comment by Elise Niven Black

Wow, such beautiful color! Wonderful perspective and details.

Comment by Cindy D.

This is beautiful! I feel overwhelmed with all those colors, but overwhelmed in a positive sense :)

Comment by hobo nest

Lovely idea and colours.

Comment by ljcillustration

eine wand aus farben!

Comment by scalatore

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