June 12, 2009, 20:39
Filed under: technical pen, watercolour

letting a tango unfold | bandonéon player
watercolour + technical pen | paper 110 g/m² | 17.5 x 18.5 cm


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Great image! So much life!

Comment by spindelmaker

GREAT work!

Comment by tsu-mina

toll, der gesichtsausdruck und besonders die hand!

Comment by scalatore

Never thought of unfolding this way! Like the energy!

Comment by Gavin Goo

Gorgeous and expressive…not to mention PERFECT for this week’s topic!

Comment by Susan Faye

I like the musical splatters!

Comment by Eliza

Really great feel to this piece! Job well done!

Comment by alexander young

Great illo! So much expression in his hand and face. You can almost hear the music! I admire your work.

Comment by mcverhoog

beautiful feel… i may have to start dancing.. :o)

Comment by L

Can you say FABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Omg! How deliciously marvelous. You are amazing. Just love all the detail.

Comment by Vanessa Brantley

the colors look so great!

Comment by laura

Wow! This is absolutely over the top! I love it! The color, the energy and the details…Wow again!

Comment by Indigene

really beautiful!

Comment by princesstomato

¡Muy bien!;) Gefällt mir sehr gut!

Comment by Thomas Schwanke

very, very good, really. I like your pictures.

Comment by thellino

Great color, movement

Comment by Deb Keirce

I can feel the music!

Comment by art fan ako

Awesome! Love the loose technique – lots on energy…

Comment by Patricia Christensen

very cool….love the color splashes

Comment by Deb Keirce

It is as beautiful as ever!

Comment by Indigene

wooooowww… A-MA-ZING!!!!

Comment by Cintia

Great work, Amazing!!!

Comment by Delaverobum

wow – incredible illustration!

Comment by dt.haase

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