October 18, 2008, 00:04
Filed under: watercolour

too late for mercy petitions | butchered poultry
watercolour | paper 300 g/m² | 15 x 21 cm


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Mmmmmm… chicken! Beautiful painting. Nice job.

Comment by eachean

blood freaks me out a little, but this is pretty striking! Great colors and composition.

Comment by angie

That is very disturbing. Poor little chickens.

Great work though- wonderful technique with the watercolors. And I can really sense the empathy.

Comment by Danyell

this is fantastic! reminds me of strolling around in market halls in italy (hong kong was great, too) and drawing some of the interesting motifs delivered by poultry, pork, seafood and so on.
the composition is perfect as is your watercolour technique. brilliant!

Comment by scalatore

Hi! Terrific illustration, you use very well the difficult watercolours. I love almost all the illus you have here!
This one reminds me to a trip we did to Morocco,to the food stalls around Fez’s Medina… more bautiful though, on your pic than in real life, watercolours don’t affect your nose for hours !!

Comment by Ro

eindrucksvoll, wie die langgezogenen Hälse herabbaumeln. Bis auf Weiteres: Gemüse statt Huhn.

danke @ lamiacucina für den 100. kommentar
thank you @ lamiacucina for the 100th comment!

ich werde das beherzigen :-) i’ll keep this in mind ;-)

Comment by lamiacucina

Der 101. Kommentar, knapp neben das Jubiläum… Ich spür grad die kalten Viecher, lieber heiss und gegrillt

Comment by Bajazzo

o my… what a powerful illustration

Comment by michaeloconnell

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